qEV Automation for Scaling EV Isolation

Scaling Extracellular Vesicle Isolation for All Applications

The qEV isolation platform is growing and diversifying. For the past 5+ years, the qEV isolation platform has largely encompassed the Automatic Fraction Collector (AFC) and our size exclusion chromatography (SEC)-based qEV columns, together which have drastically alleviated the previously tedious and inconsistent nature of extracellular vesicle (EV) isolation.

Now, as EV researchers move towards the clinic with both EV therapeutic and EV diagnostic developments, we are expanding the range of instrumentation available for scaling EV isolation.

Efficient EV Isolation
Tools for EV Research

Isolate EVs easily and effortlessly for your fundamental research with the Automatic Fraction Collector (AFC), which enables precise, customisable and reproducible separation.

The AFC streamlines the process of isolating extracellular vesicles (EVs), offering precise, customisable, and reproducible separation. Previously, EV isolation was highly labour-intensive. However, the AFC combined with size exclusion chromatography-based qEV columns, simplifies EV isolation and reduces manual intervention.

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Streamline Large-Volume EV Isolation for Therapeutic Development

The qEV Zenco, our automated and customisable chromatography system, provides a programmable and 'hands-off' approach to EV isolation for large-sample volumes.

Programme your isolation and cleaning runs, get real-time information about EV and protein peaks, monitor your cleaning procedure, and more.

Compatible with the qEV2, qEV10, qEV100 and larger customised columns. Beta versions now available.

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High-Throughput EV Isolation
for EV Diagnostic Development

Take the next step in scalability with our robotic liquid handling system for qEV columns. Developed with growing EV diagnostic developers in mind, this robotic system enables simultaneous EV isolation from 24 samples with the qEVsingle, or from 12 with the qEVoriginal or qEV1.

Other iterations and additional sample processing steps are customisable on request. Available for order now.

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More Than SEC: Process Development and Sample Processing

We are here to support you throughout your scale-up process and offer EV isolation solutions tailored to your unique situation and goals.

We offer:

  • Process development, including everything from sample filtration and concentration through to isolation, with characterisation of the end-product
  • Sample processing services for sample volumes >6L
  • Customised columns and instrumentation

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