Introducing the qEV Concentration Kit and qEV RNA Extraction Kit

Impactful extracellular vesicle (EV) research and the development of downstream applications are only possible when supported by technologies that standardise and maximise the purification of EV and EV-RNA samples.

To support your downstream applications, Izon offers two kits:  

The qEV Concentration Kit for concentrating EV samples;
The qEV RNA Extraction Kit, which enables the extraction of RNA from EVs.  
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RNA extraction from extracellular vesicles

The qEV RNA Extraction Kit enables repeatable and standardised extraction of high-quality RNA from samples enriched with extracellular vesicles (EVs).

Extracellular vesicle RNA (EV-RNA) is among the cargo carried and protected by EVs, alongside protein and other small molecules. As EV-RNA consists of both small RNAs (e.g., miRNAs) and larger RNAs (e.g., mRNAs), EV researchers require an extraction method capable of extracting RNA of all sizes and types.

Both EV isolation and RNA extraction methods impact upon the yield and purity of extracted EV-RNA. The qEV RNA Extraction Kit, paired with qEV columns, allows you to seamlessly standardise your EV-RNA workflow from starting sample to high yield, pure RNA. Crucially, the qEV RNA Extraction Kit isolates EV RNA without bias based upon either GC content or size, meaning that your RNA isolate will be truly representative.  
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A simple solution for concentrating EV-containing samples

The qEV Concentration Kit is a particle-based concentration system for enriching purified extracellular vesicles (EVs), without the need for ultra-speed centrifugation or addition of reagents that alter the purity of EVs.

The qEV Concentration Kit captures intact EVs isolated using any of the qEV Columns producing elution volumes ranging from 600 μL to 20 mL. Using the qEV Concentration Kit, EVs can be concentrated to a customisable pellet, which can be used as it is for maximal EV enrichment, or resuspended in a desired volume and buffer type. Concentrated EVs are particularly suited to protein and RNA analysis. EVs concentrated using this kit are not suitable for functional assays.
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