The qEV Automatic Fraction Collector (AFC)

A significant enhancement to the qEV platform, the Izon Automatic Fraction Collector (AFC) allows for fast, precise, automated isolation of EVs. qEV is already widely known as the most advanced method for rapid, clean isolation of extracellular vesicles. Until now the qEV process has been labour intensive and difficult to scale.
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Highly Scalable

One user can easily run multiple AFCs in parallel, allowing for large-scale, standardisable exosome Isolation.
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High Precision

Measures fluid volume by weight, resulting in very precise fraction sizes.
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Smart Data Management

qEV columns are now tagged with RFID chips where critical information is recorded, such as production date & number of uses.
Highly cost effective, compact, ideal for both small scale and high throughput parallel processing of EV samples
Measures fluid volume precisely by weight, weighing individual drops and accurately measuring total fraction weight.
Utilises a rotational carousel for holding collection tubes. During fraction collection the carousel will advance to the next fraction when the selected fraction weight is reached. The carousel is reversible with 2 different fraction tube size options.
The fluid that elutes from the qEV column before the EV fractions (void volume) is precisely measured and pooled into a separate central well of the AFC carousel and sent to waste, avoiding unnecessary collection of void fractions into individual tubes.
Once isolation is initiated via the integrated touch screen, the user can simply walk away.
Feedback is given to user via LED lights on the device, making it very easy to manage multiple AFCs in parallel.
qEV columns are now RFID tagged with addressable memory, the RFID label is registered with the AFC, critical information for the user such as column size, column type (35 or 70) is displayed, QA and production data, and column usage data are individually recorded.
ev isolation from sample

Enhances the qEV Platform

The AFC works with most qEV columns, allowing you to use the exosome isolation column optimised for your research. The combination of the AFC + qEVs is expected to be rapidly adopted as the global standard for EV isolation.
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AFC Specifications

Dimensions (cm)

w25 x d30 x h40



Touch screen size

5inch diagonal, 800×480 resolution

Minimum Isolation Time

2min (qEVsingle, 10 fractions)

Maximum Isolation Time

25min (qEV10, 7 fractions)

Column data provided to user

Column type, batch number, expiry date, number of uses
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