Automate EV Isolation With the Automatic Fraction Collector (AFC)

The Automatic Fraction Collector (AFC) automates extracellular vesicle (EV) isolation and enables precise, customisable and reproducible separation. Whereas EV isolation was previously labour-intensive and difficult to scale, the AFC – together with size exclusion chromatography-based qEV columns – enable EV isolation to be achieved easily and with minimal intervention.

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Standardised Precision

A scalable and reproducible way forward for EV research and biomarker development.

Customised Separation

Programme the AFC to collect your desired volume of interest

High Purity

qEV columns harness principles of size exclusion chromatography to separate EVs from soluble protein

Overview of the Automatic Fraction Collector (AFC)

qEV columns are recognised by the AFC via an RFID tag.

Customise your collection parameters by using the touchscreen to set your desired buffer volume and purified collection volume/s. Send the buffer volume directly to waste, or collect into individual tubes.

The AFC precisely measures fractions by weighing every drop.

Rotational carousel automatically advances once the selected volume has been collected. The carousel is reversible to accommodate 2 mL and 5 mL tubes.

Cost-effective and compact; fits easily into any lab. LED lights and noise prompts ensure ease of use. Place multiple AFCs side by side for parallel processing.

Scale Size Exclusion Chromatography With qEV and the AFC

qEV isolation is based on principles of size exclusion chromatography, whereby molecules and particles in solution are separated by their size as they pass through a column consisting of porous resin particles. In qEV isolation, larger particles are unable to enter pores in the resin, and instead flow through the resin relatively quickly. In contrast, particles smaller than the lower end of the isolation range (35 nm or 70 nm) enter pores in the resin, which slows their journey. Through this size-based separation, EVs and soluble protein are separated to a high degree of resolution, and a purified volume can be obtained. The AFC is compatible with all qEV columns except the qEV100.

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Automatic Fraction Collector (AFC) V2 Specifications

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Dimensions (cm)

w25 x d30 x h40



Touchscreen size

5-inch diagonal, 800x480 resolution

Minimum Isolation Time

10-15 min (dependent on qEV column)

Column data provided to user

Column type, number of remaining uses


Izon products are designed and manufactured under a quality system certified to ISO 13485:2016.

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