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Izon Science brings precision and reproducibility to the world of nanoparticle separation and analysis. Specifically, Izon supports academic and industry scientists working with nano-sized biological particles, by designing and manufacturing solutions for particle isolation and physical characterisation.  

The qEV isolation platform has rapidly become a favoured method in the growing field of extracellular vesicles (EVs), where reproducible separation is essential to meaningful progress in biomarker development, EV research, and therapeutic applications. Izon’s tunable resistive pulse sensing (TRPS) measurement system, together with the qEV platform, provide high-resolution insights into the physical characteristic of EVs, virus-like particles, and other nano-sized particles used in nanomedicine development.  
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Our Story

Born from a company founded in New Zealand in 2005, Izon Science was renamed in 2008 when it became focused on its mission of becoming a truly global business at the interface of nanotechnology and biology. Led by former CEO and current founder director Hans van der Voorn from 2007 to March 2022, the company grew its team, expertise and product range in nanoparticle separation and analysis.  

Izon is a world leader in TRPS, a technology which enables nanoparticles to be analysed with an unmatched level of resolution. While TRPS was always part of the vision, Izon’s development of tools for nanoparticle isolation entered the scene later on. Since the first launch of the qEVoriginal in 2014, the range of Legacy columns has evolved to accommodate different sample loading volumes from 150 µL to 100 mL. qEV columns have since been used to analyse diverse sample types across a wide range of applications. The introduction of the Automatic Fraction Collector (AFC) in 2019 marked a major shift from labour-intensive manual collection to a rapid and reproducible method that can be scaled up for larger-scale biomarker studies.

Izon remains committed to continuous improvement and continues to refine and expand its offerings. In 2021, Izon released the first Gen 2 qEV columns, which outperform their Legacy predecessors. The release of the Gen 2 columns – and exciting projects in the works – reflect Izon’s commitment to providing a scalable way forward for EV applications, including EV-based diagnostics.

Company Milestones

Our Philosophy

Izon’s philosophy is based on four core principles:
Customers are Partners
Growing alongside customers while getting to the heart of what they need. We strive for long-lasting relationships to help you realise your potential.
Continuous Innovation
Strong on development. Tackling the big projects, while embracing continual improvement.
Partnering with researchers to unlock the potential of the nano-world.
Committed to doing the right thing. We value scientific correctness, accountability, and respect.

Quality Management

Izon’s Quality Management System is certified to the requirements of ISO 13485:2016 Medical Devices. The QMS provides a structure for excellence in product design and development, quality of manufactured goods, customer support, delivery times and the elimination of non-value added cost. All of Izon’s products are manufactured in New Zealand and comply with this standard, which means dependability and peace of mind to the user.
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