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Izon Science is the world leading manufacturer of nano-biological separation and characterisation tools. Its qEV SEC columns have rapidly become the EV separation method favoured by experts. Izon’s TRPS measurement system is the only accurate, standardisable and practical method of measuring complex nano-bio particles, particularly EVs and nanomedicine products.
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Our Philosophy

Izon’s philosophy is based on four core principles:
Scientific correctness
Continuous innovation
Customers are partners
Izon sets out to provide real solutions for its customers and partners, not just products. That means we need to work closely with people, understand what they need, design it, build it, test it and provide it with the necessary quality standards in place. Most of our products have been designed and tested in conjunction with our customers. We are constantly learning and developing as a company and similarly, expect our technology platforms, products and the way we operate to undergo constant development for the benefit of all users.

Quality Management

Izon’s Quality Management System is certified to the requirements of ISO 13485:2016 Medical Devices. The QMS provides a structure for excellence in product design and development, quality of manufactured goods, customer support, delivery times and the elimination of non-value added cost. All of Izon’s products are manufactured in New Zealand and comply with this standard, which means dependability and peace of mind to the user.
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Izon Distributors

At Izon Science, we distribute our products directly in most countries. We do collaborate with some distributors around the world and they are listed below. If your country/region is not listed below please reach out to us directly.
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