Customised Workflows for Extracellular Vesicle Diagnostics

Going from a diagnostic test which shows promise in R&D to a market-ready test isn’t easy. With qEV PurePath, we design and optimise the EV isolation process so that you don’t have to.

Why spend precious resources optimising EV isolation when we can do that for you? Let the qEV PurePath system deliver pure, concentrated, diagnostics-ready samples, allowing you to focus on test development.

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Run your diagnostic test at scale

Being able to run a high number of diagnostic tests in a healthcare setting is essential. The qEV PurePath system uses established qEV technology at the scale required for a busy diagnostics lab, allowing you to isolate from multiple samples simultaneously to significantly cut down on time and staffing.

Achieve the quality and reproducibility needed for diagnostics

Suboptimal sample preparation could sink even the best diagnostic. Without reliably pure EVs, your diagnostic marker(s) could be lost in the noise of contamination. Let us take care of sample processing and allow your test to shine.

Minimise expenses and reduce development time

Perfecting EV sample preparation for a diagnostic test could take years. Let us save you time and reduce costs by using our experience to customise a qEV PurePath workflow to suit your needs. That leaves you and your staff the time you need to perfect your diagnostic test.

What is qEV PurePath for Diagnostics?

The qEV PurePath system is the ultimate customisable solution to take you from crude starting sample to assay-ready isolate. The individual steps needed to achieve this have been honed by Izon Science in collaboration with our EV diagnostic customers. The resulting knowledge has been channelled into the qEV PurePath workflow, which offers a customised solution for each customer to create the perfect sample preparation process for your product. qEV Columns form the foundation, and we are constantly exploring new specialised technologies that could fit into the PurePath suite while developing higher-throughput instrumentation for EV isolation. After EV isolation, the qEV Magnetic Concentration Kit offers a way to rapidly concentrate EVs in minutes, in line with our vision for an efficient EV isolation workflow.

With our expertise and experience, together we can turn your diagnostic test from pilot data into a market-ready diagnostic.

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The Process to Pure Extracellular Vesicles

The qEV PurePath system is a collaboration between us and you. So, what does this process look like?


Consultation: Book a consultation and we will begin the process of understanding your needs.


Customised development: Based upon initial and continuing consultations, we will design a workflow that works for you.


Optimisation: We will help you to optimise the process for your samples, ensuring that you are supported every step of the way.


Validation: We help you validate the workflow for your samples, in your laboratory to ensure that it works in your hands.


Tech transfer: We transfer the process from R&D to production, ensuring that all appropriate tech and knowledge are transferred.


Production: Take your product forward towards market – at scale, with our support.

We will work with you at every step of the journey, making sure that your qEVPurePath solution works for you.

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Why Use qEV PurePath?

Processing Speed: Instruments are in development to increase processing speed (by 12 x per sample compared to the Automatic Fraction Collector).

Cost-Effective: Unit cost for qEV columns will decrease significantly for bulk orders, and will not be a barrier to translation into the clinic.

Purity: qEV columns are the leaders when it comes to protein removal.  We are looking at new ways to improve this even further.

Expertise: We have worked with customers using nearly every biofluid, and can advise on everything from sampling to storage.

Time-to-market: Outsource problem solving to our experts, saving you time and money, and helping you reach the market sooner.

Scalable and Reproducible: qEV PurePath can accommodate various scales of operation, from small-scale R&D to diagnostic testing in healthcare settings around the world.

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The purity of extracellular vesicles isolated from biofluids. Isolation and quantification was performed by customers using qEV columns, precipitation and ultracentrifugation.

Why is qEV PurePath Better Than Competing Technologies?

When it comes to diagnostics, purity matters. Ignoring purity means that your test will have a lower signal-to-noise ratio, meaning that it is less likely to succeed. That is why we are committed to ensuring that our EV isolation products deliver the highest purity possible.

Compared to competing technologies such as precipitation and ultracentrifugation, qEV isolation delivers nearly an order of magnitude more particles for every µg of protein across a variety of biofluids. This figure was created using customer data, showing the true power of qEV in the hands of users.

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