Customised Workflows for Extracellular Vesicle Therapeutics

Looking to create an extracellular vesicle (EV) therapeutic? We're with you.

One of the most crucial steps for EV therapeutic success is ensuring that your EVs are isolated at scale with exceptional quality and reproducibility. Instead of wasting precious time developing and optimising this process yourself, you can work with our experts to customise and optimise the steps to take you from crude sample to pure EVs.

With qEV PurePath, we take care of scaling EV isolation so that you can meet the challenges of EV therapeutics development head on.

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Scale and streamline isolation of your EV therapeutic

Scaling production of extracellular vesicles is one of the biggest challenges for therapeutics. The qEV PurePath makes it easy. We have proven success at scaling EV isolation to an industrial scale, integrating optimised concentration methods.

Focus on quality and reproducibility as you scale

Ensuring quality and reproducibility are maintained is essential to creating a consistent therapeutic that your customers or patients can rely on. The qEV PurePath system builds quality and reproducibility into your EV isolation workflow from the start.

Accelerate therapeutic development

The cost and time required to scale production to a sufficient quality for the clinic can be prohibitive. Let us minimise this with qEV PurePath. Our vast experience means that we can be your guide to EV therapeutic isolation.

What is qEV PurePath for Therapeutics?

The qEV PurePath system is the ultimate customisable solution to take you from crude starting sample to a pure EV therapeutic isolate. The individual steps needed to achieve this have been honed by Izon Science in collaboration with our EV therapeutic customers. The resulting knowledge has been channelled into the qEV PurePath workflow, which offers a customised solution for each customer to create the perfect sample preparation process for your product.

With our expertise and experience, together we can work to turn your product from pilot data into a market-ready therapeutic.

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Want to Scale EV Isolation for Therapeutics? Leave It to Us

Our full-service EV isolation workflow aims to take you from crude starting sample to a clinic-ready therapeutic ready isolate. So, what does the process look like?


Consultation: Book a consultation and we will begin the process of understanding your needs.


Customised development and optimisation: Based upon initial and continuing consultations, we will design a workflow that works for you.


Pilot: We will organise and run a pilot study using your samples in the customised qEV PurePath system we create


Validation: We help you validate the protocol on site, ensuring that it is up and running in your hands.


Tech transfer: We transfer the process from our hands to yours, ensuring a smooth transition from R&D to production.


Production: You move into production, taking your product forward towards market with our support.

Throughout it all, we will be there to support you and ensure that together we succeed.

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Why Use qEV PurePath?

Unmatched Purity: Our isolation technology ensures the highest purity of extracellular vesicles, minimising contaminants and significantly improving the quality and consistency of your downstream applications.

Time and Cost Efficiency: qEV PurePath streamlines your workflow, reducing time-consuming steps and labour costs, decreasing the time and cost to bring your product to market.

Customisable Solutions: We understand that every project is unique. qEV PurePath offers tailored isolation solutions to fit your specific requirements, using a range of technologies for purifying your sample.

Expert Support: Our team of dedicated scientists and technicians are committed to providing exceptional customer care, offering guidance and troubleshooting throughout the entire process.

Scalable and Reproducible: qEV PurePath is designed to accommodate various scales of operation, from small-scale R&D to large-scale manufacturing, while maintaining excellent reproducibility across batches.


Case Study: conditioned media is highly impure, and this purity is only marginally improved by the use of tangential flow filtration (TFF). However, TFF is very effective at concentrating samples for Size Exclusion Chromatography (SEC). Using our qEV technology, SEC was able to massively improve purity by minimising protein contamination at a therapeutic production scale.

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