Our Largest qEV Gen 2 Column Yet: qEV100 Gen 2 Designed for 100 mL Sample Loading

qEV100 Gen 2 columns 35 and 70 nm series
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The qEV Gen 2 range just got bigger: qEV100 joins the Gen 2 range.

The qEV100 Gen 2, a size exclusion chromatography column optimised for the separation of extracellular vesicles from 100 mL samples, has launched.  

The qEV100 Gen 2 is the most recent addition to the growing Gen 2 range, which already includes the qEVsingle Gen 2, qEVoriginal Gen 2, qEV1 and qEV10 Gen 2.  

The launch is a timely one, given the rapidly growing interest in EV-based therapeutics.

Gen 2 columns are made with a customised, exclusive resin which enhances the separation of extracellular vesicles from soluble protein, showing superior performance over the existing Legacy range.  

All Gen 2 columns are available in the existing recovery ranges: the 35 nm Series and 70 nm Series.  

Note: discounts are available for bulk orders of all Gen 2 columns; contact us to find out more.

Figure 1.  Comparison of total protein elution levels and concentration of extracellular vesicles (EVs) and similarly sized particles >60 nm between qEV100/35 nm Gen 2 and qEV100/70 nm Gen 2 columns with 100 mL of human plasma loaded, normalised for buffer volume. EV concentration was measured using an Exoid and protein levels by bicinchoninic acid (BCA) assay. *Nb: buffer volumes for human plasma samples differ for qEV100/35 nm Gen 2 (185 mL) and qEV100/70 nm Gen 2 (165 mL). PCV: Purified collection volume, i.e., the volume immediately succeeding the Buffer Volume, containing particles of interest from the loaded sample. The PCV can be customised to accommodate different preferences, e.g., to maximise the recovery of EVs, or to maximise protein removal.

The qEV100 Gen 2 columns are now available in both the 35 nm Series and 70 nm Series. You can shop qEV100 Gen 2 online or by contacting our team for a quote.

Order your qEV100 Gen 2 column now


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