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Meet qEV10 Gen 2

As of Thursday 31st March 2022, the Gen 2 range of qEV columns has a new addition: the qEV10.

The qEV10 Gen 2 joins the range of Gen 2 columns, which are filled with a exclusive resin that outperforms the existing Legacy columns.

As has been shown for other columns in the growing Gen 2 range, qEV10 Gen 2 columns deliver more EVs/µg protein and remove more protein than before (Figure 1) – all without compromising EV concentration (Figure 2).

The qEV10 Gen 2 is optimised for 10 mL sample loading volumes, which lends itself to a range of applications and sample types. The existing qEV10 column has been used in studies aimed at the development of vaccines<super-script>1<super-script>, therapeutics<super-script>2<super-script>, and in investigations of a range of sample types including cell culture conditioned media<super-script>1,3<super-script>, lymphatic drainage fluid<super-script>4<super-script>, plasma<super-script>5<super-script> and urine.<super-script>6<super-script>  

The qEV10 is the second-largest column in the qEV range (next to the qEV100) and is the largest column compatible with the Automatic Fraction Collector.  

qEV10 Gen 2 columns are available in two types: the 35 nm series (optimum recovery range 35 to 350 nm) and the 70 nm series (optimum recovery range 70 to 1000 nm).

As described previously, the improved separation of EVs and proteins provided by Gen 2 columns brings a new level of control when deciding which volumes to keep and discard.  

While default AFC settings balance EV recovery and purity, the composition of pooled volumes can be influenced to prioritise EV concentration, EV recovery, or EV purity, by altering the buffer volume on the Automatic Fraction Collector.


EV-to-protein ratio doubled

Figure 1. Number of extracellular vesicles (EVs) larger than 60 nm (measured using the Exoid) per microgram of protein (measured using the bicinchoninic acid assay) using Legacy and Gen 2 qEV10 columns, using the 35 nm series (left) and 70 nm series (right).

Purity improved without compromising EV concentration

Figure 2. Concentration of extracellular vesicles (EVs) over 60 nm using Legacy and Gen 2 qEV10 columns using the 35 nm series (left) and the 70 nm series (right). EVs were measured as particles over 60 nm using the Exoid.


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