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An important notice about the planned phase out of qEV Legacy columns.

As was announced earlier this year, we are phasing out production of our Legacy range of qEV columns over 2023. In their place are the Gen 2 columns which provide purer isolations with significantly less protein and lipoprotein contamination than Legacy columns.  

As the months move on, our ability to make Legacy columns is lessening. This isn’t due to a deliberate reduction in production efforts; we fully intend to maintain production until the product is discontinued at the end of 2023. However, the supply of the resin that we use in our Legacy columns is winding down along with our use of it. This is outside of our control, meaning that we cannot ramp up the supply to meet late demand.  

As a result, Legacy customers are already seeing longer lead times for orders and eventually we will not be able to fulfil Legacy orders at all due to lack of resin availability. The time at which this will occur will depend both on supply and the demand from customers. High demand will inevitably quicken the end of Legacy production as more resin will be used up sooner.  

For this reason, we are encouraging any customers who need Legacy qEV columns (i.e., to finish off their current projects) to make their orders now. The later you make orders for Legacy qEV columns, the greater the chance that we may not be able to fulfil the order.  

To avoid disappointment, order now.  

With supply due to wind up, we strongly recommend that you do not start any new projects using the Legacy qEV columns. While the change may be inconvenient in the short-term, qEV Gen 2 columns provide significantly increased EV isolate purity (Figure 1). This means that switching to Gen 2 columns can only improve your science.

Gen 2 qEV columns have better purity than Legacy columns
Figure 1. A comparison between the purity of EV isolates from qEV Legacy and Gen 2 columns. Purity was calculated by measuring the concentration of particles >60 nm using tunable resistive pulse sensing (TRPS) on an Exoid in the purified collection volume (PCV) and dividing this by the concentration of protein in the PCV as determined by a protein assay. (A) EV purity in PCVs isolated using the 35 nm Series (n = 11 for Legacy, n = 15 for Gen 2). (B) EV purity in PCVs isolated using the 70 nm Series (n = 10 for Legacy, n = 15 for Gen 2). All data were normally distributed. Data are presented as mean ± standard error. Statistical analysis was t test. * p < 0.05, ** p < 0.01

We acknowledge that making a change can be daunting as optimisation will inevitably need to occur on your end, but we have the support available to help you make that transition. For more information about making the switch, contact our team.  


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