4 New qEV Isolation Developments to Accelerate EV Research and Clinical Development: ISEV2024 Highlights

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Catch up on the latest developments in qEV isolation designed to boost scalability in EV isolation across the diverse EV field.

If you were at ISEV2024 in Melbourne earlier this month then you were privy to a few new things on the Izon horizon. Sandwiched between the posters and some top-notch catering, four new offers were introduced to the EV field: three qEV instruments, and a brand-new sample processing offer.

But don’t worry if you didn’t make the trip down under, we’ve got all you need to know about the latest and greatest additions to the Izon catalogue. Get ready for some serious innovation because this year, we’re all about scale.

Introducing the Primera – a one-stop-shop for flushing and cleaning your qEV columns

When showing the qEV Primera to the lovely EV researchers at ISEV, we heard the same thing over and over again. It was the thing that had driven us to make the Primera in the first place: pre-use flushing and post-use cleaning of qEV columns is kind of a pain and takes way too long. Not ultracentrifugation-long by any means, but still much longer than the EV isolation time.  Enter the Primera. Instead of flushing (that’s the ‘getting-columns-ready-to-use’ step for the uninitiated) and cleaning columns one-by-one on the Automatic Fraction Collector (AFC), the Primera steps this up to four at a time. This makes the process of collecting EVs from multiple samples faster than with the AFC alone; by pairing the qEV Primera with the AFC, you’re able to increase the number of samples that you can run in a day. The Primera is compatible with the qEVsingle, qEVoriginal and qEV1 columns, making it the perfect benchtop companion for both basic research and early-stage diagnostic work. Keep an eye out for pre-orders opening in the coming months.

RRP: US$6,500

Ready to maximise EV isolation throughput with the AFC? Get in touch to register your interest in the qEV Primera now.

High-throughput EV isolation for EV Diagnostics with the qEV Robot (name pending!)

Whilst the Primera is aimed at basic EV research and the early stages of EV-based diagnostic development, another solution is required to address the desperate need in the EV field for scaling sample isolation for diagnostics. To enable hundreds of samples to be processed in a day, we turned to a robot. We have worked with experts in the field of developing automated liquid handling systems (we prefer ‘robots’ as it sounds cooler) to customise a solution for EV isolation. Using this system, our prototype is able to isolate EVs from 24 samples simultaneously with the qEVsingle, or from 12 samples with the qEVoriginal or qEV1.

But that is just the beginning. 96-sample systems are in the works, and the robot can also be customised to perform additional functions such as RNA extraction or other sample processing steps. All this for a third of the cost of other automated liquid handling systems on the market. It’s almost too good to resist…

RRP: US$49,000

If this sounds like something that you would be interested in adding into your EV isolation workflow, let’s chat automation and customisation.

Scaling up EV isolation volumes with the qEV Zenco

If large sample volumes and EV therapeutics are more your thing, we have something for you too. While qEV isolation with our larger columns like the qEV100 is much less tedious than ultracentrifugation, we wanted to make the experience even easier by introducing automation. With the qEV Zenco chromatography system you can isolate EVs from larger volumes with ease. The inbuilt UV detector gives you real-time information about your EV and protein peaks, and the pH detector lets you monitor your cleaning procedure, to ensure that any acids used have fully flushed through before running another sample. These features and more make the qEV Zenco a true step-up in the world of large volume EV isolation from qEV columns. And that isn’t all, we are also working on even larger Zenco-compatible columns which are currently available as custom options through qEV PurePath partnerships.

RRP: US$46,000

Get in quick to secure a beta version at a reduced price!

Offload EV isolation from ~6-10 L samples with our new sample processing offer

Are you ready to isolate EVs from 6-10 L samples? Taking that leap into larger sample isolation can be a big step, so why not lean on our expertise and offload the sample processing to us?

While we already offer EV isolation workflow development through qEV PurePath for Therapeutics and qEV PurePath for Diagnostics, we noticed a growing number of people working with samples in the 6-10 L range. Some of these customers don’t need or aren’t ready for the full qEV PurePath service, which leads us to our new processing offer.

This new sample processing service spans from sample preparation (e.g., filtration and concentration) to isolation of a pure EV isolate. We’ll even throw in detailed analysis of the resulting sample, including EV concentration, particle size, and protein content.

More than just columns: With access to equipment for filtration, concentration, sample characterisation and more, we provide sample process development from start to finish.

If you’re moving towards therapeutic development of an EV-based product, having the ability to quickly access purified EVs could significantly accelerate the refinement of your EV therapeutic and reduce your time-to-market. With a typical turnaround of just 2-3 weeks, you’re able to extract EVs and receive valuable data on your EV isolate. And, in many instances, we can then equip you with the tools and knowledge needed to undertake processing independently – if that’s what you’re wanting to do.

Cost: Starting at just $25K USD for a ~10 L sample

Note this offer may be location-dependent; get in touch now to discuss the possibilities!

Got questions about any of the above offers? Feel free to reach out at any time to discuss with our friendly support team.


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