Introducing qEV1: A New qEV Column Optimised for 1 mL Samples

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qEV1: The new SEC column optimised for 1 mL sample loading volumes.

Izon Science has introduced a new qEV column optimised for 1 mL sample loading volumes: the qEV1.

The new column is built with a high-performance agarose resin which delivers improved separation, compared to the resin used in Izon’s existing range of Legacy columns.  

The qEV1 was developed to meet the strong demand for a column optimised for a 1 mL sample – a common sample volume obtained in clinical studies, general research, EV biomarker development, and sample consortiums.  

Previously, those with 1 mL samples at hand would overload qEVoriginal columns, which are designed to support 0.5 mL loading volumes. Doing so would lead to sub-optimal EV-protein separation. Alternatively, loading a 1 mL sample onto a qEV2 creates unnecessary sample dilution.  

Ultimately, the creation of the qEV1 was driven by this strong need for a 1 mL column – and was made possible by the recent development of the exclusive resin used in Gen 2 qEV columns.

Selecting the most optimal column size for your sample is important for maximising the recovery and purity of EVs, as it helps maximise the signal-to-noise ratio in analyses downstream.  

The figures below illustrate the improved purity that EV researchers can expect from the qEV1 (1 mL loading volume) compared to a qEVoriginal (Legacy column, 1 mL loading volume).    

Figure 1. Protein present in pooled volumes of a human plasma sample isolated with Izon’s Automatic Fraction Collector, shown as a percentage of the total loaded protein. The loaded sample volume was 1 mL for all columns. Protein was measured by Bicinchoninic acid assay. Data shown for the qEV1 and Legacy qEVoriginal column: A) 35 nm Series, B) 70 nm Series.  
Figure 2. Number of EVs per µg of protein. Particle number was measured using the Exoid, Izon’s tunable resistive pulse sensing instrument for particle-by-particle analysis. The loaded sample volume was 1 mL for all columns (human plasma) and protein was measured by bicinchoninic acid assay. Data are shown for the qEV1 and the qEVoriginal Legacy. A) 35 nm Series B) 70 nm Series.

The qEV1 bridges the gap that previously existed between the qEVoriginal and qEV2, and has been fully optimised with the Gen 2 resin to deliver an enhanced level of purity.

Together with the automation and reproducibility provided by Izon’s Automatic Fraction Collector, the qEV1 provides a highly effective method for isolating EVs from 1 mL loading volumes.  

The novel resin used in the qEV1 is included in all Gen 2 columns, the first of which were launched in mid-October 2021. The Gen 2 range is available across the same recovery ranges as before: 35 to 350 nm (the 35 nm+ series) and 70 to 1000 nm (70 nm+ series).


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