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Introducing the AFC V2

To provide a more user-friendly and intuitive sample-separating experience, Izon’s engineers have developed a new and improved version of the Automatic Fraction Collector (AFC).

The AFC V2 will feel familiar to those who have worked with the AFC previously, which has been enabling efficient size-exclusion chromatography-based separation since its launch in 2019.

Thanks to an overhaul and redesign of the firmware, operators of the AFC V2 can enjoy a fresher and more navigable interface. Many behind-the-scenes changes have gone into the upgrade, including improvements to the chipset, algorithms, and functionality. Together, this allows faster touchscreen transitions and greater control over the collection schedule. Other new functions include the ability to clean and flush columns from the settings menu, and in-built prompts which flag when conditions are inadequate; for example, when surface vibrations are detected, or when the buffer needs to be topped up.

Hardware improvements were made to facilitate the firmware upgrades, and to improve longevity and efficiency of the unit.

The AFC V2 was launched on Friday 11th February 2022 and aligns with Izon’s mission of supporting academic and industry researchers in the EV diagnostics and therapeutics space, by providing a scalable and reproducible way forward for biomarker development.

To enquire about the AFC V2 (and the special introductory deal) contact your Izon representative or fill out the contact form on Izon’s website.

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