Extracellular Vesicle RNA: Analytical Challenges and Considerations

Extracellular Vesicles
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Considerations for working with extracellular vesicle RNA, including technical sources of variability, types of analysis, and areas of development related to EV-based applications.

Download the application note: https://www.izon.com/download-ev-rna-...


00:00 Introduction

00:20 Sources of Variability in EV-RNA Research

00:40 EV Isolation: Method

01:51 EV Isolation: RNA-Asociated Nanostructures

02:24 EV-RNA Extraction

04:05 EV-RNA Analysis

05:32 EV-RNA Analysis: In-depth RNA characterisation

06:35 EV-RNA biomarker discovery

07:03 EV Based Therapeutics

08:09 Download the EV-RNA Application Note


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