Why use the qEV1 column?

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FAQs about the qEV1

Following the release of the qEV1 in mid-October 2021, we share answers to questions you may have.

What is the qEV1 column?

The qEV1 is a column which separates particles using size-exclusion chromatography. Column dimensions and resin volume have been optimised for the separation of 1 mL sample loading volumes.

Does this mean that I can load a 1 mL plasma sample directly onto the column?

Most ‘raw’ samples cannot be directly run on qEV columns without prior preparation steps. Once your sample has been appropriately prepared, then you can load 1 mL. Visit the Izon Science Support Centre for recommendations and protocols.

Why does column size matter?

Selecting the most optimal column size for your sample is important for maximising the purity of EVs in your sample.  

Why was the qEV1 column created?

Many wanted a column that was optimised for 1 mL loading volumes – particularly those working with EV-RNA. Previously, however, our low-volume columns were only available for 150 µL (the qEVsingle), 0.5 mL (the qEVoriginal), and 2 mL (the qEV2) loading volumes.  

What's wrong with loading 1mL onto the qEVoriginal?

The qEVoriginal is designed to support 0.5 mL loading volumes. If you load 1 mL onto a qEVoriginal, EV-protein separation will be suboptimal. This means that the separated volumes will contain a lot more protein than would be the case if you used a qEV1.

What if I load 1 mL onto a qEV2?

Again, separation will be suboptimal. You will be diluting your sample more than is necessary.  

Why does the qEV1 perform so much better than the Legacy qEVoriginal, when loading 1 mL?

Two reasons: as explained above, the qEV1 has been optimised for a 1mL loading volume, whereas the qEVoriginal is for 0.5 mL. Also, the qEV1 uses a novel agarose resin which provides better separation than our existing Legacy columns.  

What does the qEV1 look like?

The qEV1 is 1.8 cm taller (0.7 inches) than the Legacy qEVoriginal, as the column dimensions have been optimised to cater to the 1 mL sample volume using the new resin.

Remind me, what’s the difference between Gen 2 and Legacy columns?

Gen 2 columns are built with an agarose resin. It performs a lot better than the resin used in our existing Legacy columns. The qEV1 joins the novel Gen 2 qEV range, alongside the Gen 2 versions of the qEVoriginal.  

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