How qNano TRPS Data is Reported and Represented

Extracellular Vesicles
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Watch this short video to learn about TRPS data reporting tools, which are built on a philosophy that values high-quality measurements on a particle-by particle basis – rather than inferences.

Data quality and integrity is fundamental to your research. Here at Izon, we've spent 12 years refining the TRPS measurement platform to ensure that the profile given for your particle parameters (concentration, size and charge) is real, unbiased, accurate, precise, calibrated and repeatable. This is incredibly powerful.

Find out how TRPS software works with the qNano to produce measurements in this interview with Izon Science Co-Founder and CTO, Martin Jones.

Strong measurement is essential to avoid being part of the reproducibility crisis in science.

Start making an impact today by joining the high-definition measurement revolution.


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