Buy in Bulk: qEVoriginal Gen 2 Columns

qEVoriginal gen 2 100 pack of columns
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100-packs now available for those looking to buy qEVoriginal Gen 2 columns in bulk.

The ever-popular qEVoriginal Gen 2 column is now available for purchase in bulk orders.  

100-packs can be made to order; please expect longer lead times of between 2 and 4 weeks.

Visit the store to save on:

Optimised for sample loading volumes of 500 µL, the qEVoriginal Gen 2 is made using a high-performance resin specifically designed for the isolation of extracellular vesicles. Like all qEV Gen 2 columns (except the qEV100), the qEVoriginal Gen 2 is compatible with the Automatic Fraction Collector.  

Learn more about qEV Isolation  

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