Customised EV Separation Solutions

The ever-evolving field of exosomes and other extracellular vesicles (EVs) requires both researchers and the companies that support them to collaborate to advance the field.  

As the leading provider of size exclusion chromatography columns in the EV field, we support both academic and industry-focused EV customers.

At Izon, customers are considered as partners, and we are always open to building new partnerships and collaborations aimed at advancing EV-based applications.

Let's Work Together

Through the qEV Isolation platform, Izon enables academic and industry researchers to optimise separation for proof-of-concept EV diagnostics studies and basic research. In addition, Izon supports partners in the EV/exosome-based therapeutics and cosmetics space.

With technical expertise in media clarification, depth filtration, crossflow filtration, size exclusion chromatography and downstream analytical techniques including tunable resistive pulse sensing (TRPS).  Izon can offer:
Process development and optimisation for large-scale EV isolation
Scale-down process models aimed at evaluating critical process parameters, establishing repeatability and predicting process performance at a larger scale
Customised separation solutions for large batch sizes (>100 L) based partly or entirely on size exclusion chromatography

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