Izon is actively involved in setting up research collaborations with key institutions and individuals around the world.

Our aim is to work with our research partners for mutual long term benefit. Typically, collaborations are set up between Izon and Izon instrument owners and joint research is performed with access made available for guest researchers to Izon’s laboratories. New IP for applications or new discoveries is shared.

Current Collaborations

Active collaborations have been established with Universities and Research Institutes around the world.

Current projects cover the following areas:

  • Nanoparticle size measurement
  • Nanoparticle charge measurement
  • Virus counting and characterisation
  • Molecular Diagnostics Development & Research
  • Characterization of Liposomes & Drug Delivery particles
  • Exosome and Microparticle analysis
  • Nanoparticles for Industrial Applications
  • Fundamental science around resistive pulse sensing and variable nanopores

Participating institutions and projects

New Zealand



United Kingdom / Europe

United States

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