Advanced Nanoparticle Analysis.

Get a more detailed view of your sample with nanopore-based measurement.

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Why use a big machine to measure a small thing?

Extending Izon’s Particle-by-particle analysis to Micro- and Cellular Scales.

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Precision & Accuracy in Nanomedicine

Measure the Physical Properties of Drug Delivery Particles with Unsurpassed Accuracy.

Drug Delivery Precision & Accuracy in Nanomedicine Learn more

Advanced Extracellular Vesicle Analysis

Accurate Characterization of Nano- and Microvesicles under Physiologically Relevant Conditions.

EVs Exosome & Microparticle Analysis Learn more

Advanced Virus & Vaccine Analysis

Accurate Viral Titre and Aggregation Analysis for Vaccine Manufacturers and Virus Research.

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Virus Quantitation & Analysis

Product Applications

Accurate Characterization of a Wide Range of Particle Types


Product Capabilities

Multi-parameter Particle Analysis in a Single Instrument:

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