Microbubbles for Nucleic Acid Delivery in Liver Using Mild Sonoporation

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Mignet, Nathalie, Corinne Marie, Anthony Delalande, Simona Manta, Michel-Francis Bureau, Gilles Renault, Daniel Scherman, and Chantal Pichon. "Microbubbles for Nucleic Acid Delivery in Liver Using Mild Sonoporation." In Nanotechnology for Nucleic Acid Delivery, pp. 377-387. Humana Press, New York, NY, 2019.
Ultrasound-mediated gene delivery is an interesting approach, which could help in increasing gene transfer in deep tissues. Moreover, it allows for performing experiments guided by the image to determine which elements are required. Microbubbles complexed with a eukaryotic expression cassette are excellent agents as they are responsive to ultrasounds and, upon oscillation, can destabilize membranes to enhance gene transfer. Here, we describe the preparation of positively charged microbubbles, plasmid free of antibiotic resistance marker, their combination and the conditions of ultrasound-mediated liver transfection post-systemic administration in mice. This association allowed us to obtain a superior liver gene expression at least over 8 months after a single injection. Key words: Microbubbles Cationic lipid Lipoplex characterization Ultrasound delivery Optical imaging Gene expression pFAR
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