qEV Size Exclusion Columns for Exosomes Separation and Purification

Exosomes are prevalent in biological fluids. However, Exosomes must be purified away from the myriad of other components present in complex biological fluids before quantitative analysis can be undertaken. The purification solution: qEV size exclusion columns for Exosome separation and purification.

qEV uses size exclusion chromatography, a commonly used preparative technique to purify molecules or particles in a polydisperse solution according to their size. qEV is rapid, gentle, non-aggregating, highly purifying, cost effective and easily standardisable. The use of qEV columns leads to higher quality measurement and analysis. In particular, it can be combined with TRPS, which is now the measurement method of choice for biofluid analysis, combining rapid integral isolation of EVs with precise, standardised particle quantitation and sizing characterisation. 



EV isolation

Typical elution profile for a qEVoriginal column, proteins elute in later fractions than vesicles.

Key Features

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