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Monitoring of Microalgae Lipid Accumulation System Overview

Leena Saqer, Mahmoud Al Ahmad, Hanifa Taher, Sulaiman Al-Zuhair, Ali H. Al Naqbi
GCC Conference and Exhibition (GCCCE), 2015 IEEE 8th, 2015 : 1,5

Various methods have been proposed to monitor and determine microalgae lipid content accumulation, but they are indirect, time consuming, require sample preparations, and costly treatment steps. In this work, a novel electrical based technique, utilizing the impedance measurements to quantify themicroalgae lipid accumulations. The lipid content estimation is an important element in the development of continuous non-invasive monitoring systems. The proposed technique correlates the lipid content to the change property in the measured impedance phase. A capacitor is used to host the microalgaesuspension and is probed to the Gamry impedance analyzer tool, which records the impedance phase change versus frequency variations for various lipid accumulation. The relationship between lipidcontent and phase measurements is used to predict the unknown lipid content for microalgae.

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