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Integrated Method for Purification and Single-Particle Characterization of Lentiviral Vector Systems by Size Exclusion Chromatography and Tunable Resistive Pulse Sensing

Heider, Susanne, Julien Muzard, Marianne Zaruba, and Christoph Metzner. "Integrated Method for Purification and Single-Particle Characterization of Lentiviral Vector Systems by Size Exclusion Chromatography and Tunable Resistive Pulse Sensing." Molecular Biotechnology (2017): 1-9.

Direct and label-free influenza virus detection based on multisite binding to sialic acid receptors

Horiguchi, Yukichi, Tatsuro Goda, Akira Matsumoto, Hiroaki Takeuchi, Shoji Yamaoka, and Yuji Miyahara. "Direct and label-free influenza virus detection based on multisite binding to sialic acid receptors." Biosensors and Bioelectronics 92 (2017): 234-240.

Proteinaceous microspheres as a delivery system for carvacrol and thymol in antibacterial applications

Sokolik, Chana G., Rina Ben-Shabat-Binyamini, Aharon Gedanken, and Jean-Paul Lellouche.
Ultrasonics Sonochemistry (2017).

Analysis of bacteria-derived outer membrane vesicles using tunable resistive pulse sensing

Evgeny Bogomolny, Jiwon Hong, Cherie Blenkiron, Denis Simonov, Priscila Dauros, Simon Swift, Anthony Phillips, Geoff R. Willmott
Proc. SPIE, 2015 - 9338: : 93381K-93381K-6

Applications of Tunable Resistive Pulse Sensing

Eva Weatherall and Geoff R. Willmott
Analyst, 2015

Emergence of tunable resistive pulse sensing as a biosensor

E. Blundell, L. Mayne, E. R. Billinge, M. Platt
Anal. Methods, (2015) advanced article

Sorting of small infectious virus particles by flow virometry reveals distinct infectivity profiles

Raphael Gaudin & Natasha S. Barteneva
Nature Communications (2015), 6, Article number:6022

Characterization of vesicular stomatitis virus populations by tunable resistive pulse sensing

Fulya Akpinar, John Yin

Journal of Virological Methods 218 (2015) 71–76

Optimized production of HIV-1 virus-like particles by transient transfection in CAP-T cells

Sonia Gutiérrez-Granados, Laura Cervera, María de las Mercedes Segura, Jens Wölfel, Francesc Gòdia

Springer Berlin Heidelberg. 10.1007/s00253-015-7213-x

Nanobiotechnology For Medical Diagnostics

Kourentzi, K; Willson, RC.
Revista Mexicana de Ingenieria Quimica, 2014 - 13 (1)

Quantitative real-time single particle analysis of virions

Susanne Heider, Christoph Metzner
Virology. 2014 Aug;462-463:199-206

Measuring mass of nanoparticles and viruses in liquids with nanometer-scale pores

Nima Arjmandi, Willem Van Roy, and Liesbet Lagae
Anal. Chem., 2014, 86 (10), pp 4637–4641

Monitoring bacterial growth using tunable resistive pulse sensing with a pore-based technique

Allen, CS; Loo, Jacky FC; Yu, Samuel; Kong, SK; Chan, Ting-Fung.
Applied microbiology and biotechnology, 2014 - 98 (2): 855-862

Chitinases Are Negative Regulators of Francisella novicida Biofilms

Chung, Myung-Chul; Dean, Scott; Marakasova, Ekaterina S; Nwabueze, Albert O; van Hoek, Monique L.
PloS one, 2014 - 9 (3): e93119

Role of antifeeding prophage (Afp) protein Afp16 in terminating the length of the Afp tailocin and stabilizing its sheath

Rybakova D, Radjainia M, Turner A, Sen A, Mitra AK, Hurst MR.
Mol Microbiol. 2013 Aug;89(4):702-14

A Gel Filtration-Based Method for the Purification of Infectious Rotavirus Particles for Environmental Research Applications

Farkas K, Pang L, Lin S, Williamson W, Easingwood R, Fredericks R, Jaffer MA, Varsani A.
Food Environ Virol. 2013 Aug 11.

Microbiological assessment of four probiotic feed supplements used by the dairy industry in New Zealand

Bennett, G; Rajan, R; Bunt, CR; Hussain, MA.
New Zealand veterinary journal, 2013 - 61 (2): 119-120

Tunable pores for measuring concentrations of synthetic and biological nanoparticle dispersions

Roberts, G Seth; Yu, Sam; Zeng, Qinglu; Chan, Leslie CL; Anderson, Will; Colby, Aaron H; Grinstaff, Mark W; Reid, Steven; Vogel, Robert.
Biosensors and Bioelectronics
Volume 31, Issue 1, 15 January 2012, Pages 17-25

Biotin-and Glycoprotein-Coated Microspheres: Potential Surrogates for Studying Filtration of Cryptosporidium parvum in Porous Media

Liping Pang, Urszula Nowostawska, Louise Weaver, Gabrielle Hoffman, Anjuman Karmacharya, Alexandra Skinner, and Naveena Karki
Environ. Sci. Technol., 2012, 46 (21), pp 11779–11787

Quantitative Sizing of Nano/Microparticles with a Tunable Elastomeric Pore Sensor

Robert Vogel, Geoff Willmott, Darby Kozak, G. Seth Roberts, Will Anderson, Linda Groenewegen, Ben Glossop, Anne Barnett, Ali Turner, and Matt Trau
Anal. Chem., 2011, 83 (9), pp 3499–3506

Tunable Elastomeric Nanopores

G. R. Willmott, M. F. Broom, M. L. Jansen, R. M. Young, W. M. Arnold
Molecular- and Nano-Tubes, 2011, pp 209-261

Portable nanoparticle quantization using a resizable nanopore instrument-The IZON qNano

Conference proceedings : Annual International Conference of the IEEE Engineering in Medicine and Biology Society. IEEE Engineering in Medicine and Biology Society. Conference
2010, Pages 5736-5739

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Tunable Resistive Pulse Sensing: Essential information about nanoparticles is revealed quickly and accurately

This white paper explores key aspects for nanoparticle characterisation and compares a number of available techniques.

Izon qEV: a new tool for rapid EV isolation

This white paper introduces the qEV, a Size Exclusion Chromatography (SEC) separation technology specifically developed to address the existing obstacles in routine EV extraction. qEV is rapid, gentle, non-aggregating, highly purifying, cost effective and easily

Tunable Resistive Pulse Sensing (TRPS) Brochure

TRPS is the most powerful nanoparticle characterisation system available. Recent developments mean that TRPS is now rapid and convenient, with a suite of additional tools available to make life easier for the TRPS user.