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Characterisation of furazolidone-chitosan based spray dried microparticles regarding their drug release and mucin adsorptive properties

Muhammad Irfan Alam, Timothy Paget, Amal.Ali Elkordy

Elsevier. 20 March 2016. 10.1016/j.powtec.2016.03.026

Formulation and advantages of furazolidone in liposomal drug delivery systems

Muhammad Irfan Alam, Timothy Paget, Amal Ali Elkordy

Elsevier 10.1016/j.ejps.2016.01.017. Volume 84, 10 March 2016, Pages 139–145

Cationic amphiphile in phospholipid bilayer or oil–water interface of nanocar- riers affects planktonic and biofilm bacteria killing

Ming-Hsien Lin, Chi-Feng Hung, Ibrahim A. Aljuffali, Calvin T. Sung, Chi-Ting Huang, Jia-You Fang.
Nanomedicine: Nanotechnology, Biology and Medicine 1403

A modular approach towards drug delivery vehicles using oxanorbornane-based non-ionic amphiphiles

Janni, D. S., Reddy, U. C., Saroj, S., & Muraleedharan, K. M. (2016). A modular approach towards drug delivery vehicles using oxanorbornane-based non-ionic amphiphiles. Journal of Materials Chemistry B, 4(48), 8025-8032.

Developing a Predictable Regulatory Path for Nanomedicines by Accurate and Objective Particle Measurement

Phillips, Amy J. "Developing a Predictable Regulatory Path for Nanomedicines by Accurate and Objective Particle Measurement." In Nanomedicines, pp. 253-280. Royal Society of Chemistry, 2016.

Applications of Tunable Resistive Pulse Sensing

Eva Weatherall and Geoff R. Willmott
Analyst, 2015

Effect of exosomes derived from multipluripotent mesenchymal stromal cells on functional recovery and neurovascular plasticity in rats after traumatic brain injury

Zhang, Y; Chopp, M; Meng, Y; Katakowski, M; Xin, H; Mahmood, A; Xiong, Y.
Journal of Neurosurgery, 2015 : 1-12

Perfluorocarbon nanodroplets stabilized by fluorinated surfactants: characterization and potentiality as theranostic agent

K. Astafyeva,L. Somaglino,S. Desgranges,R. Berti,C. Patinote,D. Langevin,F. Lazeyras,R. Salomir, A. Polidori,C. Contino-Pépin,W. Urbach and N. Taulier
J. Mater. Chem. B, 2015,3, 2892-2907

Ultrasoft, highly deformable microgels

Bachman H, Brown AC, Clarke KC, Dhada KS, Douglas A, Hansen CE, Herman E, Hyatt JS, Kodlekere P, Meng Z, Saxena S, Spears MW Jr, Welsch N, Lyon LA.
Soft Matter. 2015 Mar 14;11(10):2018-28

Nanoparticle-stabilized microbubbles for multimodal imaging and drug delivery

Mørch Ý, Hansen R, Berg S, Åslund AK, Glomm WR, Eggen S, Schmid R, Johnsen H, Kubowicz S, Snipstad S, Sulheim E, Hak S, Singh G, McDonagh BH, Blom H, de Lange Davies C, Stenstad PM.

Contrast Media and Molecular Imaging, 2015

Dexamethasone phosphate-loaded folate-conjugated polymeric nanoparticles for selective delivery to activated macrophages and suppression of inflammatory responses

Jiafu Cao, Muhammad Naeem, Jin-Ki Noh, Eun Hee Lee, Jin-Wook Yoo

Macromolecular Research- 2015- 23 (5)::485-492

Nitric oxide-releasing poly(lactic-co-glycolic acid)-polyethylenimine nanoparticles for prolonged nitric oxide release, antibacterial efficacy, and in vivo wound healing activity.

Nurhasni H, Cao JF, Choi MJ, Kim I, Lee BL, Jung YJ, Yoo JW

International Journal of nanomedicine- 2015-10::3065—3080

Synthesis and Characterization of Hybrid Polymer/Lipid Expansile Nanoparticles: Imparting Surface Functionality for Targeting and Stability

Michelle Stolzoff , Iriny Ekladious , Aaron H. Colby , Yolonda L Colson , Tyrone M. Porter and Mark W. Grinstaff


High Resolution Particle Characterization to Expedite Development and Regulatory Acceptance of Nanomedicines

Kozak, Darby, Murray Broom, and Robert Vogel. "High resolution particle characterization to expedite development and regulatory acceptance of nanomedicines." Current drug delivery 12, no. 1 (2015): 115-120.

Exosome-formed synthetic microRNA-143 is transferred to osteosarcoma cells and inhibits their migration

Shimbo, Keisuke; Miyaki, Shigeru; Ishitobi, Hiroyuki; Kato, Yoshio; Kubo, Tadahiko; Shimose, Shoji; Ochi, Mitsuo.
Biochemical and biophysical research communications, 2014

Specific targeting of tumor cells by lyophilisomes functionalized with antibodies

Bracht, Etienne van; Stolle, Sarah; Hafmans, Theo G; Boerman, Otto C; Oosterwijk, Egbert; van Kuppevelt, Toin H; Daamen, Willeke F.
European Journal of Pharmaceutics and Biopharmaceutics, 2014

Assessment of PEG on polymeric particles surface, a key step in drug carrier translation

Rabanel, Jean-Michel; Hildgen, Patrice; Banquy, Xavier.
Journal of Controlled Release, 2014

Bioinspired protein microparticles fabrication by peptide mediated disulfide interchange

Lai, Kwok Kei; Renneberg, Reinhard; Mak, Wing Cheung.
RSC Advances, 2014 - 4 (23): 11802-11810

Antigen-loaded pH-sensitive hydrogel microparticles are taken up by dendritic cells with no requirement for targeting antibodies

Ruff LE, Mahmoud EA, Sankaranarayanan J, Morachis JM, Katayama CD, Corr M, Hedrick SM, Almutairi A.
Integrative Biology, 2013 - 5 (1): 195-203

Polymer−Liposome Complexes with a Functional Hydrogen-Bond Cross-Linker for Preventing Protein Adsorption and Improving Tumor Accumulation

Chiang, Y.-T., Cheng, Y.-T., Lu, C.-Y., Yen, Y.-W., Yu, L.-Y., Yu, K.-S., Lyu, S.-Y., Yang, C.-Y., Lo, C.-L.
Chemistry of Materials. Volume 25, Issue 21, 12 November 2013, Pages 4364-4372

Microscopy and tunable resistive pulse sensing characterization of the swelling of pH-responsive, polymeric expansile nanoparticles

Colby, Aaron H; Colson, Yolonda L; Grinstaff, Mark W.
Nanoscale, 2013 - 5 (8): 3496-3504

The characterisation and measurement of biomedically relevant nanomaterials

Bell, Nia C.

Characterization of a Nanoparticulate Drug Delivery System Using Scanning Ion Occlusion Sensing

Yang, L., Broom, M.F., Tucker, I.G.
Pharmaceutical Research
Volume 29, Issue 9, September 2012, Pages 2578-2586

Exploring the fate of liposomes in the intestine by dynamic in vitro lipolysis

Parmentier, J., Thomas, N., Müllertz, A, Fricker, G., Rades, T
International Journal of Pharmaceutics
Volume 437, Issue 1-2, 1 November 2012, Pages 253-263

Lyophilisomes as a new generation of drug delivery capsules

van Bracht E, Raave R, Verdurmen WP, Wismans RG, Geutjes PJ, Brock RE, Oosterwijk E, van Kuppevelt TH, Daamen WF.
International journal of pharmaceutics, 2012 - 439 (1): 127-135

Tunable pores for measuring concentrations of synthetic and biological nanoparticle dispersions

Roberts, G Seth; Yu, Sam; Zeng, Qinglu; Chan, Leslie CL; Anderson, Will; Colby, Aaron H; Grinstaff, Mark W; Reid, Steven; Vogel, Robert.
Biosensors and Bioelectronics
Volume 31, Issue 1, 15 January 2012, Pages 17-25

Magnetised thermo responsive lipid vehicles for targeted and controlled lung drug delivery

Upadhyay, Dhrumil; Scalia, Santo; Vogel, Robert; Wheate, Nial; Salama, Rania O; Young, Paul M; Traini, Daniela; Chrzanowski, Wojciech.
Pharmaceutical research, 2012 - 29 (9): 2456-2467

Small interfering ribonucleic acid delivery with phase-shift nanoemulsions

Burgess, Mark T; Porter, Tyrone.
Proceedings of Meetings on Acoustics, 2013 - 19 (1): 75059

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