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Emergence of tunable resistive pulse sensing as a biosensor

E. Blundell, L. Mayne, E. R. Billinge, M. Platt
Anal. Methods, (2015) advanced article

Nanobiotechnology For Medical Diagnostics

Kourentzi, K; Willson, RC.
Revista Mexicana de Ingenieria Quimica, 2014 - 13 (1)

Polymer−Liposome Complexes with a Functional Hydrogen-Bond Cross-Linker for Preventing Protein Adsorption and Improving Tumor Accumulation

Chiang, Y.-T., Cheng, Y.-T., Lu, C.-Y., Yen, Y.-W., Yu, L.-Y., Yu, K.-S., Lyu, S.-Y., Yang, C.-Y., Lo, C.-L.
Chemistry of Materials. Volume 25, Issue 21, 12 November 2013, Pages 4364-4372

Closing the Nanotechnology Workforce Gap

Hart, D.
Nanotechnology Magazine, IEEE. 2012. Volume:6, Issue: 2. Page(s): 27-28

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Tunable Resistive Pulse Sensing: Essential information about nanoparticles is revealed quickly and accurately

This white paper explores key aspects for nanoparticle characterisation and compares a number of available techniques.

qNano Gold Brochure

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Tunable Resistive Pulse Sensing (TRPS) Brochure

TRPS is the most powerful nanoparticle characterisation system available. Recent developments mean that TRPS is now rapid and convenient, with a suite of additional tools available to make life easier for the TRPS user.