Reagent Kits

Enhanced Stability and Fewer Blockages

Izon Reagent Kits make TRPS analysis faster and more repeatable.  The key ingredient is Izon Coating Solution (ICS), which minimises non-specific binding of particles to the nanopore surface (particularly in combination with qEV purification).

Easier System Setup and Measurements

The Control Suite Software assistants guide you through the system setup and measurements, advising which reagent to use and when.

Minimised Dilution Errors for Calibration Particles

EV Kit calibration particles are provided at a concentration that only requires 1 to 1 dilution.  Pipette calibration accuracy is therefore eliminated as a source of error, and users are not required to work with very small volumes of concentrated particles.

Tightly Controlled Electrolyte Properties

PBS conductivity and pH can vary from supplier to supplier and batch to batch, and PBS is often stored in conditions that encourage the growth of bacteria.  Reagent Kit components are clean, and very well matched with each other to ensure that the measurement conditions at the nanopore are not constantly fluctuating.

Prep Kits for Clean Laboratory Supplies

Laboratory supplies are often extremely dirty at the nano scale.  Izon's Prep kits contain supplies that are tried and tested daily in Izon's laboratories.

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