Single-use size-exclusion chromatography columns for analytical scale Extracellular Vesicle isolation.

Our qEVsingle Size Exclusion Columns enable the rapid isolation of extracellular vesicles (EVs) from 100μL of complex biological fluids or concentrated cell culture supernatants. Designed for analytical-scale samples, each qEVsingle column efficiently removes background proteins, lipids, solutes, cell debris, and other particulates to improve the sensitivity and accuracy of downstream assays (e.g., TRPS, protein profiling, RNA profiling, etc.).

Vesicles are isolated in 15 minutes allowing large-scale EV sample studies to take place in a short period of time compared to ultracentrifugation-based isolation methods. Their single-use design ensures sterile (no cross-contamination) operation.

qEVsingle columns are built to ISO 13485 certified quality standards, which ensures consistency of operation and is a requirement for clinical use. The qEVsingle columns complement the existing standard qEV SEC columns, which are specified for larger sample volumes (500μL) and multiple use (up to 5 times).  

Isolation of Exosomes with qEVsingle SEC Columns

Size Exclusion Chromatography (SEC) is the most effective method for isolating exosomes from cell culture supernatants and complex biological fluids.  Since the separation is based on size, vesicles flow through the column un-retained and elute in the void volume. Proteins and other contaminants that are smaller than the pores of the stationary phase are retained by the column and elute later. Other methods that are non-specific in nature require overnight incubation of vesicles with precipitation buffer. As a result, vesicular and non-vesicular particles are isolated together so additional steps are needed to separate EVs from contaminating particles. In contrast, isolations using qEVsingle SEC columns take 15 minutes and remove > 99% of contaminating background proteins from your samples in a single isolation. SEC columns, built to quality standards, provide the only separation method that can be standardized sufficiently for medical trials and subsequent clinical use.

Reproducible, Efficient and Fast Isolation

qEVsingle columns are designed for single-use, removing the need for a regeneration step and ensuring the highest purity and consistency. They are gentle on vesicles. As opposed to ultracentrifugation and precipitation, SEC purified EVs retain their biological function and structure. SEC purified exosomes are free of contaminating proteins. Vesicle recovery from column-to- column is very reproducible. Since samples are isolated without extreme centrifugal force, there are no protein aggregates or vesicle aggregation.

In comparison, vesicle preparations using ultracentrifugation show variable recovery and require 2 to 96 hours to complete. The highly viscous and hyperosmotic sucrose gradients, used in UC affect the biological function of your vesicles post isolation. SEC purified vesicles are isolated using phosphate-buffered saline solution (PBS) which maintains the essential biological structure of the EVs. Finally, because qEVsingle columns isolate EVs based on size, plasma samples are up to 95% free of high-density lipoprotein (HDL) contaminates.

Single Use

The small size and price makes these columns ideal for single use applications where sample cross contamination needs to be avoided, e.g. DNA, RNA or patient sample analysis,

For repetitive, limited volume applications these smaller columns provide the ideal solution, resulting in reduced sample dilution for small samples during separation, compared with the larger standard qEV columns.


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