qEVoriginal Size Exclusion Columns for Exosomes separation and purification

qEVoriginal size exclusion columns contain a resin with an approximately 75 nm pore size. Proteins and other contaminating molecules smaller than Exosomes enter the pores of the resin and are delayed in their passage through the column, eluting in later fractions. The use of qEV columns leads to higher quality Exosome measurements and analysis when combined with TRPS measurements.

Removal of proteins

Under ideal conditions, SEC purification of vesicles is able to remove >99% of contaminating free proteins.

Removal of lipids

A significant problem with ultracentrifugation is that the similar density of HDL and LDL particles to Exosomes means that the particles often co-isolate with Exosomes. The collection of appropriate fractions from qEV separation results in up to 95% removal of contaminating HDL from Exosome samples.

Reproducibility of purification

The qEVoriginal has undergone extensive research and development to ensure that the separation does not introduce any bias into the sample.


qEVoriginal columns may be used up to 5 times, with a cleaning step in between uses, making their use very cost effective compared to all other separation options.

qEVoriginal Size

qEVoriginals are presently 10 ml volume, targeted at 500 μL of loading volume. Further development and testing will result in a range of different sizes being released for different applications,  in particular for clinical use.


All of our qEV columns are built to ISO 13485 certified quality standards, which ensures consistency of operation and is a requirement for clinical use.

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