Calibration Particles

Calibration for Validated Measurements

For accuracy and certainty, all Izon measurements include a calibration measurement shortly before and/or after a sample is analysed.  A calibrated measurement is a pure comparison of sample parameters with calibration parameters at the same system settings.

qNano Calibration Particles

For qNano and qViro-X calibration, Izon supplies carboxylated polystyrene particles that are certified for both size and concentration. These are preferred to plain polystyrene particles because they are more highly charged and therefore less prone to aggregation.

qMicro Calibration Particles

For the qMicro, NIST traceable plain polystyrene particles are supplied, which are certified for mean size. The qMicro counts all of the particles in a sample, and can therefore calculate concentration directly.

Selecting a Pore and Particle Size

TRPS is a high resolution technique.  Select the correct pore and calibration particles to suit your sample size range using the specification table.

 NOTE: special calibration particles are included as part of the EV Reagent Kits.

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