Winners of the Izon Science TRPS applications challenge announced


 Karl Goddard and Mr Hans Van Der Voorn, CEO, Izon Science

8 undergraduate students from the Department of Chemistry at the University of Loughborough participated in a competition which involved understanding the applications of TRPS and submitting a report with their findings.The students spent 2 weeks working on the qNano on topics of their choice, supervised by Dr Mark Platt. The reports were assessed by Scientists at Izon and winners were announced. Karl Goddard was declared winner of the challenge at Loughborough on Wednesday, 10 June, 2015. William Oakley and Nguya Lupindula were chosen as runners-up. The prizes were handed out by Mr Hans Van Der Voorn, CEO, Izon Science.

Karl’s project report titled, ‘qNano - a robust and intuitive instrument capable of modernising the high school science laboratory,’ investigates the challenges faced by school students in accessing laboratory equipment and, how the qNano would be beneficial in facilitating access to view a wide range of experiments to students of different age groups. 

Runners-up, William Oakley and Nguya Lupindula submitted reports on, ‘TRPS as a method for detection of milk spoilage,’ and, ‘Analysis of protein-nanoparticle interactions using TRPS,’ respectively.

Other topics studied by the participants included: ‘The effect of time on milk sample measured with a qNano instrument,’ ‘Investigating the use of TRPS to study the growth of escherichia coli,’ 'Qualitative and quantitative analysis of nanoparticles in solution using a resistive pulse sensor,’ and, ‘Use of TRPS for milk characterisation.'

Dr Mark Platt and his team of researchers use the qNano for precise characterisation of nanoparticles. The particles are functionalised with pieces of DNA to allow them to bind to biological targets. Measurement of changes in the particles size, and charge allows the quantification of the presence of key biomarkers in solution forming the basis of a bioassay. The team have collaborated on various projects with Izon Science.


(Left to right: Karl Goddard, Dr Mark Platt and William Oakley)

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