Izon opens base in UK and extends involvement in a number of key research projects

Dr Anne Barnett,  Izon’s Business Development Manager UK/Europe, has recently established an Izon office in the UK, in the Begbroke Centre for Innovation & Enterprise, Oxford  University.  Since moving to the UK, Dr. Barnett has established a number of exciting new collaborations with researchers in Oxford University and The Jenner Institute, and has extended her involvement with other key research partners including the Biological Diagnostics Institute at Dublin City University.

At the recent Micro & NanoVesicles in Health and Disease conference held at Magdalen College,Oxford University, Dr. Barnett gave a presentation on nanopore-based characterization of nanoparticles and bioparticles  and the ability of the Izon technology platform to not only investigate size, concentration and surface charge characteristics of micro vesicles and exosomes, but also measure the cells from which the vesicles have been released.  Exciting initial results in haematology research involving blood platelets were also presented.

 This was extremely well received by researchers and has sparked a keen interest from a number of leading research institutes in both vesicle and haematology research, as the Izon qNano platform can assist their research with applications not previously available.

For further enquiries in the UK and Europe region please contact:

Dr Anne Barnett
Business Development Manager UK/Europe
Begbroke Centre for Innovation & Enterprise,
Oxford University Begbroke Science Park, 
Sandy Lane, Yarnton, 
OX5 1PF, 
United Kingdom 
T +44 1865 309666 
M +44 (0) 77899 70162
E  anne.barnett@izon.com