Izon announces major upgrade of the world leading nanoparticle analysis system

Izon Science has launched a major software and methods upgrade to provide significant advances in automation and accuracy for its qNano and qViro nanoparticle characterisation instruments. The enhanced automation allows users to more easily use the tunable nanoparticle analysis tools to measure and characterise particles with a high degree of accuracy.

“Izon has developed the world’s most advanced nanoparticle analysis system. Now it’s faster and simpler to use and demonstrably very accurate. It’s a disruptive technology and rapidly changing the way nanoparticle analysis is done.” says Hans van der Voorn, Chairman of Izon.

Izon’s tunable nanopore technology can be used alongside or instead of dynamic light scattering (DLS) technology, which is the traditional technique used by many researchers. Van der Voorn says, “The Izon platform has been shown to more accurately measure mixed particle solutions than standard electron microscopy and therefore provides a quantum leap in measurement accuracy and reliability over older techniques like DLS. The technology is also much more compact and simpler to build so costs substantially less than any of the other commonly used systems.”

The enhanced functionality of Izon’s nanoparticle analysis system combined with its ease of use is resulting in a wide range of new users and novel research in a number of nanoparticle related fields.

Media release:
22 November 2010 - Izon announces major upgrade of the world's leading nanoparticle analysis system
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