Highlights from Izon Science Research Symposium in Oxford

We would like to thank members of the international TRPS research community who contributed to the annual     research symposium this year, held at St. Hugh's College, Oxford University, for making it a successful event.

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The first day covered new ground on technical developments of the TRPS platform and its potential as a
bioanalytical tool, as well as applied research into particle-based drug delivery, virus analysis and diagnostics. 

Academic presenters included:
Dr. Mark Platt & Emily Billinge (Loughborough University), Dr. Robert Vogel (Izon Science Europe), Dr. Geoff 
Willmott (University of Auckland); Dr. Sally Peyman (University of Leeds,article below); Aneta Sikora (National
Physics Laboratory);  Dr. Christoph Metzner (University of Veterinary Medicine Vienna); Dr. Amr ElShaer
(Kingston University London) and Mohammed Dahmash (University of Sunderland).

We would also like to thank Dr. Ping Shek and Mark Rowan for their insightful talks at the Science
Commercilsation session.

Day two focused on Extracellular Vesicles, the fasted growing area of TRPS-based research. The need for a gold
standard for EV separation and purification prior to further analysis was highlighted, as was Izon's ability to
address this need.

A wide range of topics on EV analysis utilizing TRPS were presented including clinical analysis, their role in familiahypercholesterolaemia, radiation damage, immune-modulation and cell signalling.
Academic talks were given by:
Dr. Shona Pederson (Aalborg University Hospital), Katherine Connolly (Cardiff University); Dr. Scott Bright (Oxford Brookes University); Dr. Andrew Devitt (Aston University); Dr. Katalin Szabó-Taylor (Semmelweis University).
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