4 reasons why you should use qEV SEC columns for your exosome isolation

Prior to the advent of Size Exclusion Chromatography (SEC) columns, ultra-centrifugation (UC) was regarded as the gold standard for EV concentration and isolation. UC is time consuming and cannot provide a consistent standardised sample. 

Based on SEC, qEV columns are the most rapid and effective way to isolate exosomes.


Here are 4 reasons why you should be using qEV SEC columns for your EV isolation:

  1. qEV columns preserve the physical function and biological integrity of your EVs and provide the purest isolation from complex biological samples including serum, plasma, saliva, CSF, urine and cell cultures.

  2. They are simple to use and very fast. No expensive equipment is required, isolation takes 15 minutes and the cost per sample is very low.

  3. qEV, particularly when combined with TRPS measurement, offers a well-standardised protocol for EV isolation and measurement, with the lowest CV of any system available. Standardisation and repeatability are critical for success in diagnostics applications and in EV based therapeutics.

  4. Recovery efficiency is very high, up to 93%.

qEV data

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