Order Consumables

The easiest way to order consumables is to visit the Izon Store. You can still pay by credit card, bank deposit or on invoice. 


Alternatively you can email the below catalogue numbers to orders@izon.com.

Product Diameter Range Catalogue Number Diameter Range Catalogue Number
Nanopores       40-255 nm NP80 185-1100 nm NP400
  50-330 nm NP100 275-1570 nm NP600
  70-420 nm NP150 385-2050 nm NP800
  85-500 nm NP200 490-2900 nm NP1000
  110-630 nm NP250 935-5700 nm NP2000
  150-900 nm NP300 1990-11300 nm NP4000
Micropores 5-25 µm MP25 20-100 µm  MP100
  10-50 µm             MP50 40-200 µm  MP200
  Nominal Diameter Catalogue Number Nominal Diameter Catalogue Number
qNano Calibration Particles 70 nm CPC70 800 nm CPC800
  100 nm CPC100 1000 nm CPC1000
  200 nm CPC200 2000 nm CPC2000
  400 nm CPC400 4000 nm CPC4000
  500 nm CPC500    
qMicro Calibration Particles 10 µm CP10M 40 µm CP40M
  20 µm CP20M 80 µm CP80M
Product Description Catalogue Number
qEVoriginal columns Exosome isolation columns - 5 Pack SP1
qEVsingle Single-use size-exclusion chromatography columns for analytical scale Extracellular Vesicle isolation - 20 Pack SP2
Electrolyte Izon Tris buffer EL1
Electrolyte Izon PBS electrolyte (contains 0.03% tween) EL2
Training Kit Starter pack to enable instrument training. Each kit provides materials for up to 2 users TK2
Reagent Kit Contains reagents to minimise non-specific binding to pore surface RK2