Establish the properties of drug delivery complexes with certainty and detail


Measure true nanoparticle size and distribution with better accuracy than TEM by using Izon’s TRPS. Easily obtain particle concentration measurement to correctly understand dosage and physiological effects. Simultaneous particle by particle charge measurement opens up new ways to analyse particle complexes. Use this information to speed up nanomedicine development and be respected by your peers, customers and FDA for providing impeccable nano-measurements. There is no need to be embarrassed by that flakey DLS data anymore.


With TRPS you can:Nanomedicine development tools

Liposome Measurement on the qNano

Tunable resistive pulse sensing (TRPS) represents a new and more comprehensive technology for measuring the properties (size, charge, and concentration) of liposomal dispersions where highly sensitive and accurate analysis is required. Based on particle-by-particle analysis TRPS enables the accurate measurement of all these properties to be made from a single analysis run. TRPS provides information on both the particle concentration and the volume fraction of delivered liposome to administered solution volume that is unbiased by the size or polydispersity of the sample. In addition to measuring concentration, TRPS is a highly sensitive technique for analyzing liposome size distribution, which is critical for liposome manufacture, formulation and delivery applications.




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