The Gold Standard in EV Isolation and Analysis.

Isolate, measure and count your extracellular vesicles in 20 minutes. Achieve 99% purity of sample and 90% recovery efficiency with qEV isolation. Measure exosomes with the highest accuracy and sub nm resolution with Tunable Resistive Pulse Sensing (TRPS), the only reliable and accurate method of measuring particle concentration. Combine qEV isolation and TRPS measurement to get results that can be correctly and robustly compared on a global basis. Reject fake data and weak measurement.

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qEV Exosome Isolation

Izon’s qEV provides the most rapid and effective exosome/EV isolation system available.  qEV is based on Size Exclusion Chromatography (SEC), and takes around 15 minutes to get a pure sample of intact vesicles, significantly purer than is possible with concentration methods as ultra-centrifugation (UC) or precipitation reagent kits.The resulting samples are consistent, standardisable and repeatable, which is required for both research and clinical testing. qEV is now the Gold Standard for exosome/EV isolation.

            qEV Isolation       


TRPS Exosome Measurement

Simultaneously measure the concentration and size of each individual exosome, with Izon’s Tunable Resistive Pulse Sensing (TRPS). With sub-nm resolution, TRPS is the only sufficient system for exosome and microvesicle measurement and is a requirement for proper analysis. Other NTA-based measurement systems simply provide an estimate and are particularly inadequate at analysing populations in the 50nm size range. Featured in over 1000 publications, TRPS is quickly becoming the gold standard in EV analysis.

   TRPS Measurement   


Gold Standard Repeatability 

To promote effective research of EVs, the ability to compare work across different groups is urgently required. A crucial prerequisite for the EV research community is to optimize and standardize methods of characterization, analysis, and reporting of clinical samples. Following the 2015 Gold Standard Trial, you can rely on large-scale repeatability with the combination of qEV and TRPS. 

       Gold Standard