About Us

Company Overview

qNano Laptop

Izon Science is the world leading manufacturer of EV separation and characterisation tools.  Its qEV systems using SEC columns have rapidly become the EV separation method favoured by experts. Izon’s TRPS measurement system is the only accurate, standardisable and practical method of measuring complex nano-bio particles, particularly EVs.

The basis of Izon’s instrumentation is a unique, dynamically tunable nanopore technology platform which utilises a technology called Tunable Resistive Pulse Sensing (TRPS). This technology platform is world-leading in offering an affordable, robust and highly flexible technology for real-time detection, quantitation and characterisation of individual particles at the nanoscale, across a wide range of applications.

TRPS offers a unique alternative to the existing laser-based technologies available on the market. It offers applications not previously available to researchers and at a fraction of the cost of the incumbent technologies.

Our Philosophy

Izon's philosophy is one of continual improvement and high customer focus. Strong and positive relationships with customers and collaborators are seen as important aspects of the way Izon operates. We are constantly learning and developing as a company and, similarly, expect our technology platform and products to undergo constant development for the benefit of all users.

Quality Management

Izon has established a Quality Management System which complies with the requirements of ISO 13485. The QMS provides a structure for excellence in product design and development, quality of manufactured goods, customer support, delivery times and the elimination of non-value added cost.